ANTI Education is built on three core fundamentals;

 Improve Salon Retail

     Improve Salon Business

   Improve Salon Fashion


The ANTI Education culture is inventive and immersive and builds an army of affiliates via a set of brand values that ‘ANTIFY’ hair through Empowerment, Individuality and Creativity. To ANTIFY hair is to consecrate a feeling and energy into hairdressing – to inspire and add a lightness of touch and movement into the hair with a higher sense of energy and intellect. 

Moving beyond trends, ANTI education is about the feel and not just what is visible. ANTI merges feel-good hairdressing with look-good silhouettes to unleash the true zeitgeist of fashion and finesse. From movement and texture to mid-lengths, boy/girl, curls, short and into a world of uncontrolled restriction ANTI encroaches on an untapped mindset where the session and commercial worlds collide, allowing for the hidden potential of hairdressing to truly be seen. 

To be ANTI is to disrupt, defy and breakdown traditional brand values. The ANTI brand references icons of our time through skill and technique without dictating to people how their hair should be, hair is nor done or undone, excuse free and enlightened by the nuance of touch.