For the optimum hair health with zero guilty conscience, a luxury haircare brand like ANTI provides a higher level of performance with quality botanical ingredients and vegan principles. Luxury haircare provides a premium experience from fragrance to packaging and affords results you can enjoy long after the first application.

Here are 8 reasons why you should choose luxury vegan haircare



1)A higher concentration of actives

Salon products have a higher volume of active ingredients, so you need less product for optimum results. Professional products are perfectly balanced; they act like a prescription skincare by addressing specific hair and skin needs therefore removing unnecessary ingredients.


2) Professional products aren’t watered down

Mainstream retail products are often watered down. The main reason for this is that the active ingredients have been diluted to maximize profits and minimise the cost to produce. Yes, you may be spending more on a single bottle of professional product but you can be assured of the concentration of actives like Avocado oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Shea and Murumuru butter in ANTI Collective professional haircare for premium results. A higher concentration of actives makes them better at protecting the hair against harmful UV radiation. UVB protection is one of the most important factors in any haircare regimen. Damaging rays cause and environmental pollutants cause decomposition of the hair structure, reducing strength and increasing porosity. 


3) Professional products save you time

You often find when trying to recreate the same salon style at home it can end up taking hours and still doesn’t look quite right. So the best way to avert this situation is to have a regular go-to stash of professional haircare with a balance of ingredients and application techniques that guarantee results. Every ANTI Collective product has been designed to save time and minimise the need to apply numerous products. Adding texture, shine, volume and control can be achieved from just one product containing all the necessary ingredients and actives.


 4) Vegan is easier on our environment

What we often forget to consider is that professional products can last up to three or four times longer than cheaper supermarket alternatives, due to the concentration and quality of the packaging. This results in less product in landfill and less often. Not only this, but many cheaper products are not sustainably produced so the effects on the environment can be even more significant. When buying from professional brands like ANTI Collective who take the time to think about their impact on the environment, you find that materials and ingredients are more sustainably produced. For instance, use environmentally safe ingredients, and invest in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. By purchasing professional products, you are having a much more positive impact on the earth. Packaging is recyclable and they support environmental and animal welfare.


 5) Veganism is the future 

What may have started off as a fad, vegan hair products are really here to stay. And with so many nourishing benefits, we can totally see why! Many vegan shampoos can reverse hair damage and nourish the scalp, preventing problems such as dry scalp and dandruff, whilst stimulating hair growth, hence why we have searched far and wide for the best sustainable formulas. We did the dirty work before launching our first professional product back in 2018 with a Leaping Bunny approved completely vegan formula. With the whole world sitting up and taking notice of negative environmental changes, it may be time for you to take those thoughts into your bathroom shelf and shower. Vegan products are not just free of nasties but contain a higher level of botanical extracts to shield, repair and strengthen. For a hair product to be vegan, it must not use or contain any animal-derived ingredients. Some common animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients include honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, carmine and gelatin.


6) Natural products are anti-aging

Did you know that natural ingredients and botanicals are the most potent anti-aging ingredients? They can shield the hair against environmental aggressors much more effectively than synthetic ingredients. Environmental stress and pollution is an increasing problem globally and protecting your hair with botanicals rather than synthetics and silicones will ensure long-term hair health. Natural oils of Avocado, Coconut, Sunflower Seed, Baobab seed extract and Moringa Leaf extract are some of most powerful anti-aging antioxidants rich botanicals in the world. Our hydrating formulas contains soy and wheat proteins to target and rebuild dry and damaged hair. The cruelty-free cleanser that takes a gentle approach, so your colour remains strong and not stripped and your tresses are left feeling irresistibly soft. Not to mention, it provides a gerous lather that envelops every strand for long-lasting anti-aging benefits.


 7) Improve scalp health

 Better Scalp Health and reducing hair loss is high on most people’s hair wish list.

To keep your hair in optimal condition, you need to tend to your scalp’s health – it all starts with a protective primer like ANTI Everything Spray or Styling Spray with thermal protectants that stop scalp damage from heat styling, environmental stress to ensure optimal conditions for hair growth and health. ANTI products cleanse, restore and improve the health of your scalp – from the shampoo and conditioner to universal protective agents in the entire range.


8) Salon products are guaranteed.

Not only do salon product sales support stylists and salons, but overall they support the framework of the salon industry which includes education, marketing, consumer engagement and raising the overall standard of service. So when purchasing professional products you are not only guaranteed to get results, you are keeping professionals engaged which guarantees a better hair experience.


"As a product developer, I never understood why hair care companies categorized into separate benefits like hydrating, softening, reparative, strengthening and restorative. Why were you forced to pick one benefit when almost all of the ingredients used to create these benefits were multifunctional? As a woman, I felt like I was being conned and pushed to purchase more unnecessary products at the benefit of the product company, not me..” ANTI Global Product Developer, Mercedes Orpin-Steinfeld.

 ANTI is an inclusive brand with a philosophy to provide a high performance haircare regime that eliminates the need for multiple products. Built around the brand values of equality and inclusivity, ANTI Everything provides a simple haircare solution for ALL hair types. So as you’ll see, to purchase luxury haircare has as much to do with the world we live in as it does with your own luxury experience.


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