Firstly, I’d like to thank you for embracing ANTI and coming on the ANTI collective journey with us to empower and take back control of our industry. 

I am inspired by many things, one thing in particular is meeting salon owners that are committed to growing themselves, their team and their business.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your vision when first seeing ANTI and for becoming a special part of the Collective. I would also like to thank you for your support so far and your belief in us. I thank you for your time and your feedback, it means a lot to us and has helped create a product company that is truly for the salons. Travelling throughout Australia has been so rewarding – meeting salon owners and hearing their story has given me so much to work with ahd grow from. 

As a salon owner I understand the challenges that we all go through every single day. We all run good businesses but we can always do better! I feel that this desire to be better is what connects us. It’s my unrelenting commitment to build salon business and create ways that we can each work together and share ideas to make our salons smarter, easier and more productive. For ANTI, it’s about how we attract consumers to salons and then how we work with these consumers in our chairs to deliver a world-class experience that delivers strong results for all of us. It’s also how we speak to our consumers  that will ultimately build your business and how we integrate and engage hairdressers to have a stronger and smarter approach to the client so they create better results. Ultimately it’s also how we all grow together and add value to each other. This is my mandate!

It’s pretty simple – It’s about our clients and our staff. They are the most valuable asset that we have and ANTI is about a collaboration between all of us  building these assets.

My view is that ANTI should always share its strategies with you so that we can transparently create true partnerships and grow together. After six months at breakneck speed since launching, the ANTI promise has always been about our three core brand values; Empowerment, Creativity and Individuality. These touch points filter down into four key salon components that ensure business growth:

  • Education – Up-skilling hairdressers and salon owners to grow themselves to the next level within their career path across retail, services, business and creative. 
  • Marketing – Building consumer awareness and sharing the benefit of disrupting the status quo with you.  
  • Fashion – Helping to give your salon the ability to do current and consumer friendly hair and build your salon as an expert in what is current in hair fashion.  
  • Relationships – Taking an honest, hard-working, transparent and mutually beneficial approach to every relationship we have whether it be with consumers, hairdressers and you.

I thank you for your patience. We are now six months from when we launched, there is so much to everyday and we are working hard to deliver it. One thing that is important is how we continue to communicate with you so that we can regularly create updates on ANTI initiatives around salon profit growth, inspiration for staff, education and opportunities for you and your staff.

We’ve just set up an ANTI Instagram exclusive for salon content. Please make sure you follow and tag us in inspirational business and education material to continue to inspire our network.  @antisalonsaus. 

You would have recently seen ANTI Runway shows in New York at Fashion Week in September, we had the pleasure of having some ANTI hairdressers attend. ANTI launched in London to global trade in October. Through London we are excited to bring more things to life for our Salon clients and hairdressers alike. Also we launched the ANTI ALLY program in Australia in November. It’s designed to get your best retailers recommending and powerfully driving retail internally for you. If done well this could completely change the retail game for your salon and get you to the 20 per cent retail percentage we are all striving for.  

2019 will see us activate ANTI Education and powerfully start to build growth for you. Our Education calendar will be with you shortly so that you can plan ahead and look at what may be of interest. The focus will be on building retail recommendation for you and delivering results, hairstyling and how to have that add value and inspiration to the salon business. Salon business education is also a key focus which not only makes us better entrepreneurs and leaders but at the same time grows our bottom line. Our Marketing efforts will continue to create high-end content for you to use to speak to your consumer in a way that ignites desire and drives them to the salon. We really look forward to adding your salon feel to the content and encourage you to share any content with us that we can ‘ANTIFY’ and make even more impactful. ANTI Fashion will be a constant. Our Campaign Shoot with Creative Director Nick Irwin be released shortly and we really look forward to sharing that with you. Shows, shoots and editorial will be a constant and the power is in how we bring it back to your salon and empower your business and your hairdressers further. 

Although the ANTI brand is new, it has a lot of power in creating transformation. As the story continues to unfold I am confident that you will very much enjoy our relationship and continue to witness how closely we work with the trade to build a better industry. My commitment is shared success and ANTI looks forward to profoundly building with you.

You will soon see eight salon owners profiled in INSTYLE magazine as part of an initiative to celebrate great salon owners and how they see Australian hairdressing. I’m hoping to share all of your stories over the years to come and to continue to tell the industry why we are ANTI. 

Thank you  once again for bringing ANTI into your salons. It’s an honour for us to be part of your world. Best wishes for a great Christmas period ahead and an incredible start to 2019. Much love.


Francesco Ruggerino – Founder and CEO: ANTI Collective