ANTI was born from the need for change. The urgency to empower consumers to nurture their own identity and to push professionals to the forefront of their careers. ANTI is about the power of connection and collaboration. Together we are ANTI collective.

ANTI is more than just a socially aware brand fuelled by the streets. Your style becomes our culture. Our culture is our collective creativity, and together we cultivate a connection for growth and change.

What are you ANTI? Is a key brand value you see on everything we do. We ask influencers, entrepreneurs, creatives, stylists and the diversity on the streets what they are passionate about. Through this we have cultivated an incomparable humanitarian element and undertone to our brand. ANTI is born from the power of human connection. The power of letting people speak and not be spoken to. Our brand asks and does not preach - we are inclusive.

We don’t want to be dictated to. We don’t want over retouched ideas of what’s beautiful, we are alive on the streets and that’s where the true beauty lies.

We need to be empowered by who we are – we need to be creative and individual and come together in consciousness. There is so much unrest and conflict in the world that we don’t need to be fed anymore false claims and selfish ideals.


For more than a decade, ANTI Founder Francesco Ruggerino cultivated conversations during dinner parties, park visits in New York City, people watching in the Lower East Side to renovating and building creative spaces in Sydney and New York City, conversations that uncovered the need for change. There’s no denying it’s time to throw away old ways of doing business and to cultivate a new realm of creativity and consciousness.

Always expecting more from brands and their products, it was time for Francesco to generate a new movement - a collective energy that gave consumers, creatives and salon owners the power to be who they want to be, and most importantly express who they really are and share success and accomplishment. A brand that does things differently, with transparency and the ultimate inclusive culture from product to future planning. A brand that immerses everyone involved in the pulse of why we do what we do. For us, the why is because the world will constantly change and the biggest precursor to positive change is acknowledging what needs to be done better. This is ANTI.

Above all, ANTI is a brand that is aesthetically unique – merging style and performance to put the power back into a hairdresser’s hands. To integrate but not dictate and empower people on the streets to express their own style.

Over promising and under delivering, diversion, back door internet sales and general deception plague our industry everyday. As a salon owner Francesco has lead the development of the ANTI business forged by an understanding of "what do I need right now" to succeed and grow and "what no longer serves me as a business owner?"

To succeed firstly, you need a partner. A partner as malleable and creative as you as a business owner, a partner where ideas, diversity and honesty is encouraged, and where partnerships are part of our everyday. A partner where ordinary ways of doing things are challenged. We are everything you would expect from an ANTI Ordinary brand. We are ANTI judgement, ANTI ego and ANTI limitation. We are ANTI the realization that the hairdressing industry is not growing. We believe growth comes from doing things differently with a product that is fundamentally different and that reaches consumers through a completely engaged network of like-mindedness. The old ways don’t serve us anymore. 


ANTI brings together Glenn Ruddle as the General Manager of ANTI with a history in the Australian and New Zealand hairdressing market, with close to 30 years experience working with salon owners and staff. Glenn forms alliances and sales partnerships for lasting success.


These partnerships and sales strategies are supported by the ultimate quality product formulations created by Mercedes Orpin-Steinfeld – a long-time New York City resident with a significant background in product development at iconic brands such as Bumble and Bumble and Jurlique. ANTI boasts concentrated quality formulas and the inertia capable of shaking up the industry, in the best way possible.


Adding a level of altruistic creative genius to the ANTI brand is Global Creative Director Nick Irwin. Nick has been in the industry since the 80s working his way up from the TONI&GUY Art Team to lead the Creative Development of some of the world’s most successful brands, including Unilever’s TIGI. Irwin’s aesthetic of cult cool meets disruptive punk has allowed him to work with highly successful photographers including RANKIN, while inspiring creative hairdressing genius across the world. Nick combined an unparalleled mix of both the Session and Salon world’s, sharing the highly individual values of ANTI and the ANTI collective.


So when someone asks you why you are part of the ANTI Collective, you can tell them…

‘We are individuals that unite under a culture of creativity and consciousness. We are ANTI-status quo in the world of beauty and in everything we do. We are a socially aware brand that feeds off the streets. We empower creativity and take pride in transparency.

In a world of ordinary it’s time to be ANTI ordinary. What are you ANTI?